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Audrey Hepburn, Facts, Style, and her Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

Audrey Hepburn is already dead. And yet, her influence on the fashion world continues to grow until now. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Audrey Hepburn” are two familiar phrases. They had impact on the fashion world. An impact Audrey made through her elegance unlike icons in her time like Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall who attracted everyone’s attention through their curves and barely the dresses they wore. Audrey was iconic but wasn’t even that into fashion. She is still regarded by top fashion designers as of their greatest influences.

The over-sized sunglasses she wore in that film started the trend. Aubrey wore those sunglasses in that movie and then everyone were already wearing them. Such was her influence. And to think before that, wire frames were in fashion. Without her, those wire frames would have been still in vogue.

Another trend that Audrey HEPBURN was responsible for was the Louis Vuitton Speedy. All the women craved for one with price tags of $2000 on up. She asked for a custom size of the bag and Louis Vuitton adjusted the sizing of the bag which was later to be named the Monogram Speedy 25 – which is a smaller size than the original.

And what those little black dresses? Audrey wore that in the film. Now those little black dresses are essential to everyone’s wardrobe. She is a pillar of today’s fashion. She did it in an unobtrusive way without trying to draw attention to her. The outfit was just so natural on her that people wanted to be like her.

Audrey Hepburn mainstreamed the trend for pearls. Here are some Audrey Hepburn facts that are interesting,  is that pearls were were favorite necklace Pearl is an indispensable fashion accessory and a piece that has never faded. Past fashions are now making a comeback. But Aubrey’s two pieces- the little black dress and pearls have remained in fashion all these years. These two were named the pinnacle of elegance.

There were other things which Audrey was most associated with than those which in fact started. Those colorful Capri pants and flat ballet shoes were all mainstreamed by her. That movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, was not even written to star her. If you haven’t ever seen the movie, you’ll have to see it along with all her other movies!  If you need help,  here is a list of the best Audrey Hepburn movies. Breakfast at Tiffany’s was originally for Marilyn Monroe but Audrey got the part. The film would not have been unique without her. Acting as Holly in that film with all naivety and innocence, it could have gone the opposite had Marilyn starred in the film.

Throughout her life, she wore simple shapes, often in dark colors, with simply styled hair and eyeliner that highlighted her “doe eyed’ look. Her look evolved throughout her life but she was always herself.

Aubrey captivated the audience with her slim figure, aristocratic manners and graceful movements. She represented not only a new look but a new femininity. With her boyish look, pixie haircut and swan neck, she complemented what she wore. Her look was entirely original and her clothes accentuated her slenderness.

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Design Classics – Speedy and Keepall

Why is anything some sort of design classic? Effectively, the belief that anything created centuries back can certainly nevertheless search contemporary is often a pretty good indication, along with this is actually the truth for virtually every Louis Vuitton classic carrier. His or her classic wrinkles along with amazing strength help make these types of the most desired classic pieces around the world.

Given exactly how contemporary we all understand LV bags for being, it appears nearly amazing the brand name was created within the 1800s, as soon as Louis Vuitton revolutionised going for your prosperous high level. Soon after shifting to Paris within 1834, Vuitton grew to be popular for his or her canvas flat bottomed trunk area, which will be effortlessly stacked in railway carriages. At the time, suitcases had been (strangely! ) circular and could definitely not effortlessly be stacked, and this fresh, flat, lightweight along with airtight suitcases had been anything of your wave along with easily went up by within attractiveness; likely it’s the very first piece of contemporary suitcases. It turned out presented through the beginning of world wide journey, along with the timing couldn’t are actually additional great.

Counterfeit of his or her patterns after triggered this development of Louis Vuitton’s popular exclusive stripes along with checkerboard patterns. The Damier Canvas design debuted within 1888. In 1896, this monogram design had been released, consisting of intersecting LV initials, curved beige gemstones, and a several level celeb inset. This is today probably the most recognisable–and counterfeited– logos in the world. It’s considerably ironic so it was created being an seek to steer clear of further copying!
Allow me to share the most well-liked patterns which are nevertheless respected by classic hunters almost everywhere. It doesn’t matter what the needs you have, Louis Vuitton includes a classic carrier for you! Seek flea promotes locally, or log on to Vintage Market, Custom Vintage or Vestaire Collective–they’ll most supply around the globe.

The Keepall

The iconic Keepall made its debut within 1924. Developed being an overnight be carrier, this Keepall up-to-date a suitcase set as well as design features carry on and impact weekend bags marketed currently. Top features of this Keepall add a natural leather ID tag, along with the carrier can be purchased in 3 styles – forty five, second there’s 55, 59 (measure within cm). The Keepall is often a unisex carrier, which is generally applied currently being a sturdy keep on suitcases for aeroplanes.
Finest for: Regular Fliers

The Speedy

In 1965 this Quick 40 had been released following the accomplishment of the Keepall overnight carrier. As the brand suggests, this became some sort of 40 cm sized version. It turned out designed because of specific purchase positioned by Audrey Hepburn, whom grew to be this unofficial experience of Louis Vuitton, after getting photographed continually while using Quick 20. Currently this Quick can be purchased in some styles – 20, 40, 27, 40cm, along with within a wide range of distinct leathers, along with patterns. The Quick had been the very first daily journey purse developed by Louis Vuitton, along with had been initially referred to as this ‘Express’ due to the era’s love for fresh along with faster methods of travelling.
Finest for: Anybody definitely not living alongside their boyfriend–there’s adequate place right here to your overnight material.